UNDP, Sweden Release Video on Climate Finance Management

undp-sweden21 January 2014: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) Asia-Pacific and the Government of Sweden released a video on managing climate finance effectively. The video provides guidelines on how countries can prepare for climate change and manage development by ensuring appropriate national budget allocations.

The video is available through the UNDP/World Bank Climate Finance Options Platform, a web-based knowledge platform aimed at sharing South-South experiences and best practices in climate action to achieve better development impacts.

UNDP works with countries to undertake their own Climate Public Expenditure and Institutional Reviews (CPEIR). UNDP and partners have also undertaken regional and global dialogues on climate finance and development effectiveness.

Sweden and UNDP's Asia-Pacific Regional Office (APRO) jointly support a website with further information on climate finance and development effectiveness, called `Governance of Climate Change Finance for Asia-Pacific.´ [UNDP-World Bank Press Release on Video] [Video] [UNDP-World Bank Press Release on CPEIR] [Website on Governance of Climate Change Finance for Asia-Pacific]