UNDP Supports Sustainable Energy Project in Tanzania

UNDP19 October 2010: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) is supporting a pilot project in Tanzania that aims to reduce firewood use by 50% by providing affordable, reliable and sustainable energy services to the poor. 

The project will benefit 40,000 people initially and will build the capacity at the district level to increase biofuel efficiency through techniques such as drying out wood, making sawdust bricks and switching to improved clay firewood stoves. Tanzania is currently facing an energy crisis. Only 12% of the national population is connected to the electricity grid, out of which 2% is located in rural areas. Ninety percent of the population relies on firewood and charcoal for cooking fuel. Forest cover has significantly reduced over the past 40 years, affecting the conservation of water resources and biodiversity, and contributing to climate change. [UNDP Press Release]