UNDP Releases International Assessment of the MDGs

17 June 2010: The UN Development Programme has released a report titled "What Will It Take to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals? An International Assessment," which is based on a review of 50 country studies, and finds that the resources and know-how necessary to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) exist.

The report suggests that acceleration of progress over the next five years will need to focus on continuing proven strategies, policies and interventions and making a radical break with those that do not work. It contains a chapter on MDGs in the face of crises, shocks and vulnerabilities, which underlines that sustained poverty and hunger reduction is at risk because of vulnerability to climate change, particularly in the area of agricultural production.

Another chapter on MDG acceleration strategies for developing countries addresses climate adaptation and low-carbon development. One of the key messages of the report is that supporting the diversification of livelihoods away from climate-sensitive activities is an essential MDG strategy. [The Report]