UNDP Releases Climate Change Country Profiles

UNDP Climate Change Country Profiles

November 2008: The UN Development Programme (UNDP), in collaboration with the School of Geography and Environment at Oxford University, has developed a dataset of climate change country profiles for 52 developing countries.

The profiles aim to address the climate change information gap for

selected developing countries by making use of existing climatic data

to generate: country‐level data plots from the most up‐to‐date climate

observations; multi‐model projections of each country as

country-average timeseries; maps and diagrams illustrating changes; and

summary tables of the data. A narrative summarizes the data in the

figures, and places it in the context of the country's general climate.

A consistent methodology has been applied to all 52 countries, which

allows for comparison across ten-year time period. [UNDP Climate Change Country Profile] [ALM

Country Adaptation Profiles]