UNDP Releases Briefing Papers on the Bali Action Plan Negotiations

October 2008: As part of its project to strengthen national

capacity in developing countries to assess climate change policy alternatives,

the UN Development Programme (UNDP) Environment and Energy Group has released a

series of papers on the Bali Action Plan negotiations.

The final document is

entitled “Bali Action Plan: Key Issues in the Negotiations – Summary for Policy

Makers” and comprises a brief background on the Bali Action Plan, as well as

summaries of UNDP's six thematic background briefing documents (on mitigation,

adaptation, technology transfer and deployment, financing, land use, land-use

change and forestry (LULUCF), and national policies). The briefings are

expected to provide inputs to national positions during negotiations under the


on the Bali Action Plan] [The Bali

Action Plan: Key Issues in the Climate Negotiations – Summary for Policy Makers]