UNDP Newsletter Highlights Support to Developing Countries to Build Up Capacities for Climate Change Adaptation

© UNDPOctober 2009: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has released its Climate Change Adaptation Newsletter, a quarterly publication, highlighting the support the organization is providing to 75 countries in the development of national, sub-national and community level capacities to adapt and build their resilience against climate change risks.

So far, UNDP is supporting the implementation of projects and programs of over US$800 million, including grants and co-financing resources. Specifically, UNDP is supporting countries to prepare long-term development strategies that adequately mainstream climate change risks and opportunities, to review and design policies and strategies that include climate change issues, to incorporate climate resilience into investment decision making, and to facilitate community-based adaptation mechanisms.

The newsletter also provides an overview of the adaptation programs taking place in Africa, in particular the program for Supporting Integrated and Comprehensive Approaches to Climate Change Adaptation, an initiative funded by the Government of Japan, which supports more than 20 African countries to incorporate climate change risks and opportunities into national development processes. [UNDP Climate Change Adaptation Quarterly newsletter]