UNDP Launches 2013 Human Development Report on “Rise of the South”

UNDP14 March 2013: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has launched the 2013 Human Development Report (HDR), titled “The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World.” The 2013 HDR examines the long-term human development implications of the rise of new powers in the developing world and highlights Algeria, Brazil and Mexico as among the top 15 countries in reducing Human Development Index (HDI) shortfalls.

The launch took place in Mexico City, Mexico.

The report analyzes the “Rise of the South” and emphasizes that this phenomenon extends beyond rising nations such as Brazil, China and India to include Mexico, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey and a growing middle class. Over 40 developing countries have made better progress on human development indicators than expected, according to the HDR. The report also notes that no country had a lower HDI in 2012 than in 2000.

Speaking at the launch, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said “the world today has greater awareness of the poverty and inequality gaps that divide the inhabitants of this planet.” UNDP Administrator Helen Clark highlighted how today's development landscape is “very different” than when the HDR was first published in 1990. Emphasizing the economic, environmental, political and social influence of the South, she said today's challenge is “to carry that progress forward, share the experiences, and enlist the growing influence of the South to move our world onto a sustainable and inclusive development path for all.” Clark, cautioned, however, that slow action on climate change could halt or reverse development gains.

The HDR identifies policies that could promote increased progress on human development, including innovative social policies, such as cash transfer programs, and policies that pursue inclusive growth. It also identifies sustained investments in human capabilities, including education, health and nutrition, global economic engagement and resilience to economic, environment and other shocks as key to human development gains. The HDR recommends four focus areas for sustaining momentum on development: enhancing equity; expanding citizen participation, including better representation of the South in global governance systems and of youth; and increasing efforts to address environmental and demographic challenges. The HDR also calls for new institutions to facilitate South-South cooperation and regional integration and for greater transparency and accountability.

The HDR includes chapters on: the state of human development; a more global South; drivers of development transformation; sustaining momentum; governance and partnerships for a new era; and a statistical annex. [UNDP Story[Publication: 2013 Human Development Report[Helen Clark Statement at Launch[HDR Blog]