UNDP Issues Guidance Note Linking Climate Change Policies to Human Development

21dic_09_06December 2009: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has published a guidance note titled "Linking Climate Change Policies to Human Development Analysis and Advocacy," aimed at facilitating the production of thematic human development reports.

The note aims to integrate human development analysis and advocacy into more equitable, sustainable and climate-resilient development planning and policy debates. It emphasizes how short-term and long-term effects of climate change threaten people's ability to lead long and healthy lives and have a decent standard of living, as well as its overall impacts on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).


The note provides practical suggestions on ways that national reports can complement existing climate change responses and broader development initiatives. It also provides conceptual and analytical data, policy and advocacy issues that can be adapted to regional and national contexts. A set of specific questions to analyze the impacts of climate change on human development and the MDGs are provided and cover vulnerable groups, the underlying causes and factors behind the inequalities of vulnerabilities, and how these can be addressed.[UNDP Thematic Guidance Note]