UNDP Highlights Water Cooperation Projects Around the World

22 March 2013: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has announced a pledge of US$2 million from the Coca-Cola Company to Every Drop Matters, a collaboration between UNDP and the company. Every Drop Matters aims to address global challenges related to climate change, water management, sanitation and water supply. 

Marking World Water Day 2013, Every Drop Matters highlighted successful cases of water cooperation it has supported. Projects involve cooperation at regional and local scales, and have been implemented in 18 countries across the world, and include environmental awareness efforts on the Black Sea, cleaning up the polluted Aghstev River in Armenia, farmers restoring a traditional water harvesting and storage system in Lebanon, which increased the security of their water supply and enabled farmers to grow vegetables with irrigation water, and in Sri Lanka, increasing access to latrines, digging wells and providing education on hygiene.

Bogachan Benli, Every Drop Matters, said “our vision is to help achieve the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) on improving access to safe water and good sanitation,” explaining that improved water access and sanitation can contribute to improved health and improved quality of life, particularly for women and girls, who spend time fetching water. [UNDP Press Release[Every Drop Matters Website]