UNDP Completes Preliminary Greenhouse Gas Inventory

UndpDecember 2009: As part of the UN Secretary-General and the UN Chief Executives Board on Coordination (CEB) commitment to move the UN system towards climate neutrality, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) completed a headquarters greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and a global GHG inventory. The inventory was conducted using the UN-wide agreed GHG calculator and the GHG calculator of the International Civil Aviation Authority (ICAO) for GHGs related to air travel.


The preliminary UNDP inventory was released as part of a special UN system volume and side event on climate neutrality at the UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference. To date, headquarters and about 30 Country and Regional UNDP offices have completed their GHG inventories. Drawing from lessons and experience in this pilot phase, the goal is to roll out the GHG inventories to all 166 UNDP country offices in 2010. [UN System Volume][GHG Calculator]