UNDP Assists Asia Pacific Countries in Making the Most of Domestic Climate Finance

UNDP14 December 2012: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has reported on an initiative carried out in the Asia-Pacific region to help countries make the most of existing domestic climate finance to build climate-resilient roads, bridges, schools and other infrastructure, so as to prevent future losses.

UNDP has provided technical assistance to ministries of finance, environment and other government bodies in Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nepal, Samoa and Thailand, to review national budgets and identify existing allocations that relate to climate change.

As a result of the UNDP assistance received, a number of countries are beginning to assign climate-related budget codes in order to track spending, and Nepal has decided to channel more funds through local agencies rather than national authorities.

According to UNDP, climate-relevant expenditures are thought to make up 3-15% of national budgets in the participating countries, noting that these levels exceed international financing.

The UNDP initiative is supported by a US$ 4.6 million contribution from Swedish International Development Cooperation (SIDA). Follow-up activities are planned in four countries, including Cambodia and Thailand. [UNDP Press Release]