UNDP Annual Report Showcases Achievements by Region

UNDPJune 2014: The UN Development Programme (UNDP) has released its 2013/2014 Annual Report, titled ‘New Partnerships for Development.' According to the forward by UNDP Administrator Helen Clark, the report shows how UNDP is evolving in its operations, as outlined in its 2014-2017 Strategic Plan, and notes its alignment of efforts behind inclusive, sustainable and resilient development. Clark also emphasizes that UNDP “will continue a final push to achieve the MDGs” in more than 50 countries.

The report contains themed regional sections, each including an ‘Up Close' section on UNDP achievements in one country. In Africa, the report highlights UNDP work to reduce various forms of exclusion by opening opportunities to access services and work in decent jobs. It highlights, inter alia: smooth elections in Mali, Madagascar and Togo; reduction in the time to review and adopt laws in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC); improved education and health services in West and Central Africa; and a transition to a green economy in Ghana.

The Arab section describes UNDP's efforts to reduce risks and build resilience, including work on essential services, infrastructure and jobs, and celebrates the passage of Tunisia's Constitution, which includes protection of economic, political and social rights, supports gender equality and has a “progressive approach to religion and the state.” On Asia-Pacific, the report highlights the region's vulnerability to natural disasters and UNDP efforts to assist countries to protect and sustain development gains through generating employment, managing natural resources and improving governance. Featured projects include: improved health care centers, schools and water and sanitation in Lao People's Democratic Republic; a comprehensive national risk reduction system in Bangladesh; adoption of climate change policies and regulations in eight Pacific Island countries; and recovery in the Philippines from Typhoon Haiyan.

The section on Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) discusses UNDP's work on clean, secure energy and natural resources management. Featured efforts include: the integration of environmental and social concerns in Uzbekistan; the development of a mobile application to tackle natural disasters in Macedonia; and the building of a hydropower plant to provide regular electricity in a Tajikistan community. The report says UNDP is addressing persistent disparities and the multiple dimensions of poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report also includes: sections on partnerships, knowledge, awareness and coordination; UNDP by the numbers; and progamme expenditure distribution by region. [Publication: UNDP Annual Report 2013/2014]