UNDP Administrator: Climate Change is Becoming “Another Threatening Source of Inequality”

Statement by Kemal Derviş. Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme 26 September 2008: In his address to the thirty-second

meeting of the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the Group of 77, Kemal Derviş,

Administrator of the UN Development Programme (UNDP), outlined the development

challenges and opportunities created by the current global economic

environment, and the role of the UN and UNDP's own support to programme


He emphasized the importance of multilateral approaches to deal with

global challenges and the role of multilateral institutions. Dervis then described

the role of South-South cooperation in meeting development and economic

challenges, noting that South-South financial flows provide more options to

programme countries in support of their development needs and efforts, and

indicating UNDP's commitment to deliver on the promise of sharing South-South


He underlined that the current economic and financial events

threaten to undo progress achieved towards achieving the Millennium Development

Goals and warned that climate change is becoming “another threatening source of

inequality.” He stressed that efforts to tackle climate change need to be

integrated into the development agenda to benefit development and the fight

against poverty. [The