UNDESA: Solar Energy Viable Option for Timor-Leste

Solar energy viable option for Timor-Leste, says UN. Photo credit, UN 15 July

2008: A UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA) three-year pilot

project aimed to help rural communities harness the potential of solar energy

recently concluded in Timor-Leste.


the pilot programme, carried out in communities on Atauro Island and in Aleiu

District, community members agreed to pay US$1.80 per month for the use of

solar lanterns, resulting in estimated community savings of US$1800. Sarina

Kilham, UNDESA Chief, said the pilot project has shown that solar energy can

become a real energy option for rural communities, noting that with proper

support, communities have the potential to manage their energy needs in an

affordable and sustainable way. Paulo de Silva, UNDESA Renewable Energy

Officer, said the way in which Timor-Leste meets its energy needs will

determine how quickly and sustainably the country can develop, noting that,

with proper support, solar power does work. [UN

News Release]