UNDESA Policy Brief Highlights Role for a Global Disaster Mechanism

September 2008: The UN Department of Economic and Social

Affairs has prepared a policy brief on “An integrated approach needed for the

growing threat of climate-related insecurity.”

The brief outlines the threats

of economic insecurity from natural disasters, and strategies for pooling and

transferring disaster risk. It suggests that “it is clearly in the

international community's interest to create a well endowed GDM [global

disaster mechanism] to provide automatic and rapid assistance to vulnerable and

affected regions and to strive to break the vicious circle keeping countries in

a vulnerable and aid-dependent growth trap.

Given that past threats are likely

to be amplified by climate change, moving towards a global integrated response

to disasters is more urgent than ever.” [Policy Brief N.6 on an Integrated Approach Needed for the Growing Threat of Climate-Related