UNCTAD’s 2010 Trade and Environment Review Focuses on Promoting Poles of Clean Growth

March 2010: The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has published its Trade and Environment Review 2009/2010, which contains some 20 essays on the topic "Promoting Poles of Clean Growth to Foster the Transition to a More Sustainable Economy."

The Trade and Environment Review analyzes how developing countries can seize opportunities for cleaner growth, including low-carbon growth. The Review identifies the following three most promising "clean growth poles:" enhancing energy efficiency, often implemented in combination with material and resource efficiency; mainstreaming sustainable agricultural practices, including organic agriculture; and harnessing the use of off-grid renewable energy technologies for sustainable rural development.

In addition, the Review, inter alia: looks at opportunities for low-carbon growth and clean energy technology transfer in developing countries; provides examples of policies for promoting energy efficiency in developing countries; addresses several aspects of sustainable agriculture; examines the impact of climate policies on international aviation and maritime transport; and discusses the opportunities for developing countries to access renewable energy technologies and World Trade Organization (WTO) negotiations to liberalize trade in climate-friendly goods. [The Review]