UNCTAD Releases 2010 Technology and Innovation Report

19 May 2010: The UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) has released its Technology and Innovation Report 2010 - Enhancing Food Security in Africa Through Science, Technology and Innovation.

The report underscores that farmers in Africa are poorly equipped to deal with the new challenges they face, which include climate change, desertification, competition from cheap imports, and highly concentrated global value chains dominating the world's commodity markets. It stresses that climate change is a global challenge with critical development implications, and that its negative impacts are especially severe in marginal lands. With some 300 million farmers in Africa that live and work on marginal lands, the report stresses the need for climate change technologies and innovations for mitigation and adaptation strategies aimed at accelerating the development, deployment, adoption, diffusion and transfer of environmentally-sound technologies from developed to developing countries.

The report also addresses energy issues. It argues that if properly managed, bioenergy has high technical potential in regions such as sub-Saharan Africa, as a contribution to fighting poverty while addressing climate change and expanding trade opportunities in sustainable energy products. [The Technology and Innovation Report]