UNCCD Launches Webpage on Land and Climate

Focus on both land and climate. Photo credit, UNCCD 13 August 2008: The Secretariat of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has launched a new webpage on the

interrelationship between land and climate. The webpage highlights that soil

can make a difference in addressing climate change issues, and presents

information on land and climate change, land degradation and poverty, energy

security, food security, and UNCCD processes to address climate change and


In relation to the UNCCD role, it highlights the Conference of the

Parties' adoption in 2007 of the ten-year strategic plan and framework, which

offers a platform to address the issue of climate change and soil and promotes

the “use of effective and practical approaches to sustainable land management

by seeking to enhance the livelihoods of affected populations, improve

ecosystem protection and provide global benefits through combating land

degradation, desertification and drought.” [UNCCD Land and Climate Webpage]