UNCCD Invites Comments on Draft Report on Water Scarcity

December 2008: The UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) has invited comments on a draft report it commissioned entitled “Policies for fighting water scarcity and combating desertification.”

The report reviews relevant initiatives in the field of water

scarcity and right to water, and evaluates opportunities for creating

an effective work programme/roadmap for the UNCCD through undertaking a

comprehensive study on water resource and water scarcity adaptation,

taking into account relevant and emerging issues, projects and

programmes, case studies and other relevant technical and financial


Readers are invited to review, evaluate and comment, by 15 December

2008, on whether the report articulates options for a Water Scarcity

Adaptation Policy Framework for the UNCCD and elaborates an appropriate

strategy that would be used for advocating for the adoption of the

policy opinions by governments. [UNCCD invitation]