UNCCD Global Mechanism Highlights Development Programming at Country Level Supported by Effective International Policy Making Processes

17 June 2008: On the occasion of 2008 World Day to Combat

Desertification and Drought, celebrated on 17 June, the Global Mechanism (GM)

of the UN Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) emphasized that “the

current strategy and policy debates around climate resilience, sustainable

agriculture and food security point to the conclusion that none of these global

challenges and threats to human well-being should be tackled in isolation, but

as part and

parcel of development programming at country level, supported

by effective

international policy making processes.”


Managing Director Christian Mersmann indicated that the GM would

like to draw attention to the potential of the UNCCD as the main policy forum

that brings together the themes of climate resilience food security and rural

development through sustainable land management (SLM).” Among the initiatives

and efforts related to these issues, the GM statement highlights: the Strategic Framework on

Climate Change and Development (SFCCD) for the World Bank

Group, which is currently under debate; the UNCCD through policy and strategy

development and the GM through its direct support to countries; the UN

Secretary-General's High-Level Task Force on the Global Food Security Crisis'

recently launched draft for Elements of a Comprehensive Framework for Action,

which looks at immediate needs of developing countries and longer-term global

food security policies; and the Third High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness to

be held in Accra, Ghana, in early September 2008, to evaluate the impact of the

Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness. The GM statement also recommends that

financing instruments like the Global Environment Facility and its

implementing/executing agencies be further strengthened by the

international community. [Climate

resilience and food security: UNCCD at the interface]