UN World Food Programme Calls on Global Community to Address Collective Challenge of Food Security



June 2008: Josette Sheeran, Executive Director of the UN World Food Programme

(WFP), speaking at the FAO High-Level Conference on World Food Security, which

convened from 3-5 June 2008, warned that the global food crisis is threatening

to “plunge another 130 million people into life threatening hunger.” She said

the world has the means to defeat hunger, but high fuel and food prices

threaten to “short circuit” this potential by undoing many of the achievements

made towards global food security. She endorsed the UN Task Force's plan of

action and outlined the WFP's contributions towards its implementation, including

working with governments to assess needs and vulnerabilities at the household

level and scaling up safety net programmes.


further called on all governments to make investments in medium and long-term

responses, to ensure access to food purchases for humanitarian purposes, and to

permit unhindered and safe movement of food within and across borders. [Statement]


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