UN Viet Nam Marks UN Day

8 November 2011: UN Greening the Blue has announced that the UN office in Viet Nam hosted a green picnic, for staff, family and friends, to mark UN Day on 24 October 2011. The event aimed to raise awareness of environmental issues through green booths and quizzes. 

In addition, participants were encouraged to use sustainable transportation. According to UN Greening the Blue, the green picnic is part of larger greening effort by the UN in Viet Nam, carried out in the framework of the “Greening the One UN Campaign,” launched on 1 September 2011. The UN is also working with the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Green Office programme to reduce the environmental footprint and enable the UN in Viet Nam to be more responsible in terms of climate change. The UN in Viet Nam's long-term goal is to become a climate-neutral organization. [UN Greening the Blue Press Release]