UN University Publishes Compendium of Climate Change Case Studies

10dic_09_04December 2009: The UN University (UNU) has published an advance reading copy of its book titled "Advance Guard: Climate Change Impacts, Adaptation, Mitigation and Indigenous Peoples - A Compendium of Case Studies."

The compendium presents an overview of over 400 projects, case studies and research activities related to climate change and indigenous peoples, and contains a survey of current effects and adaptive responses. It outlines various adaptation and mitigation strategies currently being used by indigenous peoples - the world's "advance guard" of climate change - as they apply their traditional knowledge and survival skills to test adaptive responses to change. The compendium aims to provide insight into the ecological and cultural complexity of sustainable development issues surrounding climate change and indigenous peoples, and highlights experiences that could provide guidance for future policy development. The advance copy is available for comments and suggestions until 15 December 2009, and the final publication will be available in January 2010. [UNU Press Release][The Advance Copy]