UN Statistical Commission to Address Climate Change-Related Statistics

February 2009: The UN Statistical Commission will hold its 40th session from 24-27 February 2009, in New York, US. During the meeting, the Commission will discuss a report prepared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics titled “Report of the programme reviewer on climate change and official statistics” (E/CN.3/2009/2), containing a programme review of climate change related statistics.

Based on a wide consultation process, this report provides a review and analysis of user needs and challenges and defines the scope of climate change statistics in relation to official statistics. It explores the areas where official statistics can provide input and added value to the analysis of the environmental, social and economic impacts of climate change and the related adaptation and mitigation measures. The report further makes specific recommendations for a work programme to mainstream climate change in official statistics at national and international levels. The Commission will be invited to express its views on the substance of the report and provide recommendations for future work in this area. [Meeting Agenda] [The Report] [Meeting Website]