UN-Spider Pacific Regional Workshop on Disaster Management and Emergency Response


2008: The UN Office for Outer

Space Affairs is organizing a workshop on the theme ‘Building Upon Regional Space-based

Solutions for Disaster Management and Emergency Response for the Pacific

Region' to be held in Suva, Fiji, from 16-19 September 2008.

The event is

jointly organized by the UN-SPIDER

Programme (the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific

(ESCAP) through its information and communication technologies and disaster

risk reduction programme and the Regional Space Applications Programme; and the

Pacific Islands Applied Geoscience Commission (SOPAC). The specific objectives

of the workshop are: to present the current status of space technology for

disaster management and emergency response within the Pacific region; discuss

the impacts of climate change on the increase of disasters in the region and

how space-based technologies can contribute to their mitigation; showcase

regional space-based initiatives relevant to disaster management support and

emergency response; identify approaches to harmonize existing initiatives aimed

at helping developing countries in the region access and use space-based

technologies for disaster management and risk reduction; complement ESCAP's

efforts in developing regional cooperative mechanisms on use of space

technology for disaster risk reduction; promote current disaster management and

disaster risk reduction initiatives implemented by ESCAP and SOPAC as well as

other relevant organizations; and reflect on the best concepts for delivering

support to national activities and policies that consider the use of

space-based technologies. The event will bring together 40 decision makers and

senior experts mainly from the Pacific region disaster management community. [Workshop

announcement and registration]