UN Secretary General: WIPO Can Be “a Champion” in Joining Efforts to Tackle Climate Change

UN Secretary General and WIPO Director General. 18 November 2008: During his first visit to the World

Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

reaffirmed WIPO's unique role within the UN system in promoting intellectual

property, innovations and investment in new technology, which are crucial to

stimulate economic development and to tackle the current financial, climate,

food and oil crisis.

He noted that WIPO will be actively involved in

intellectual property-based initiatives to support the development and

diffusion of green technologies, stressing that the Organization can be “a

champion” in joining the global efforts to combat climate change. The new WIPO

Director General, Francis Gurry, stressed that the proposed WIPO revised

programme and budget includes a strategic goal to address intellectual property

in relation to global policy issues. He also highlighted the commitment of the

organization to respond to global challenges to reduce the knowledge gap, and

to address sustainable development, climate change, desertification, access to

health care, food security and the preservation of biodiversity. [WIPO

Press Release]