UN Secretary-General Visits Biofarm Project

30 January 2010: During a visit to an integrated bioeconomy system project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underscored that Ethiopia is one of the countries that has suffered the consequences of climate change, in particular due to deforestation.

He noted that the country had “begun to set an example for countries by investing heavily in reforestation” and welcomed the efforts of President Girma Wolde Giorgis in this regard, noting that they would help Ethiopia adapt to climate change.

Ban also mentioned the role played by Prime Minister Meles Zenawi at the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in helping negotiate an agreement on financing for developing countries for adaptation and mitigation. He indicated that he would ask Prime Minister Meles to continue to serve as a co-Chairman of the High Level Panel on Climate Change Financing. Ban concluded by commending the project for its use of biotechnology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and agricultural waste, and to contribute to reforestation and food security. [The Statement]