UN Secretary-General Urges Investment in Clean Technologies and Green Jobs

The Association of Caribbean States 15 December 2008: Joel Boutroe, UN Humanitarian Coordinator/Resident Coordinator for Haiti, delivered a statement on behalf of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon during a seminar on Climate Change and the Environment, which convened in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on 13 December 2008. In the statement, Ban noted the urgent need “to come together as a global community” to find common solutions to common problems such as climate change.

Highlighting the vulnerability of Caribbean islands, he said “far

more must be done” to help developing countries adapt to a future of

greater climatic volatility. He also pointed to the opportunities

created by the economic and climate crises, explaining that investments

in green, lower-carbon technologies can spur growth and create jobs. He

concluded by stating that leadership will be essential in sealing a

climate deal in Copenhagen in 2009 that is “ambitious, comprehensive

and politically acceptable to all countries.”  [UN Press Release] [Association of Caribbean States Seminar on Climate Change]