UN Secretary-General Urges G8 to Focus on Climate Change



July 2008: In a series of statements and articles over the past two weeks, UN

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has emphasized the linkages between the food

crisis, climate change and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals



on these linkages, he said that “our progress on the MDGs, including on food

security, has been severely undermined by climate change. We see it now, most

of all in Africa where drought and changing weather patterns are compounding

the challenges we face in attaining the MDGs.” Emphasizing the Group of Eight

(G8) Summit as an opportunity to demonstrate high-level political leadership on

these issues, he called for a comprehensive approach to addressing these crises

and for a new agreement on climate change in Copenhagen in 2009. Referring more

specifically to the increase in funding for sustainable energy, he wrote in an

editorial in The Washington Post, “our

job, as national and international leaders, is to assist in guiding and

hastening this nascent economic transformation. We need to change social behavior

and consumption patterns… and… help developing countries ‘green' their

economies…” [Secretary-General's

Address at Hokkaido University] [UN

New Centre article] [Secretary-General's

article in the Washington Post] [Secretary-General's

statement on G8 Summit] [Secretary-General's

press conference after 1st day of G8 Summit]