UN Secretary-General Urges G20 to Focus on Green Growth

10 June 2010: In a letter to the leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) nations, scheduled to meet in Toronto, Canada, on 26-27 June 2010, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has urged a focus on development and green growth.

In the letter, he underlines that "our collective experience" shows that the best way to enhance economic growth is "to put development front and centre, and to invest in a green economic recovery for all." He adds that the G20's intention to focus on development will help address food security and climate change, while ensuring job creation. Ban outlines three elements upon which recovery must be based on, including green growth through addressing climate change by meeting mitigation and adaptation commitments and by providing access to clean energy for all. He welcomes the G20's call for phasing out fossil fuel subsidies, and stresses the need to address climate change together with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

In an Op-Ed published in the Al Hayat, Ban underscores the need to deliver "quality jobs" in order to achieve economic recovery, stressing the importance of investing in green jobs. [UN Press Release] [Ban's Letter to the G20] [Al Hayat Op-Ed]