UN Secretary-General Urges Action on Climate Change at Brussels Meetings

bankimoon-warsaw3 April 2014: In a series of meetings in Brussels, Belgium, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed the importance of EU-UN cooperation on climate change. In particular, Ban participated in the Greening Europe - Policy Spotlight 'On the Road to Paris 2015: Towards a New Global Climate Deal,' organized by Friends of Europe.

In his remarks at the Policy Spotlight, Ban stated that while there are many immediate political and security challenges requiring attention around the world, States, the public and the business sector must also urgently address climate change as it threatens the "future security, prosperity and sustainable development of humankind." Emphasizing both the responsibility and opportunity the world has to take action, Ban ended by saying, "Humankind has caused this problem. We can only look to ourselves for the solution."

Ban also attended the 4th EU-Africa Summit and held meetings with European Commission President José Manuel Barroso and European Council President Herman Van Rompuy. Following his meeting with Ban, Barroso underscored Europe's commitment to being at the forefront of climate action, noting that the outline of the 2030 Climate and Energy Framework was recently endorsed by the European Council. He also commended domestic efforts by the US and China, but indicated he would welcome increased global leadership from the world's two largest emitters.

In welcoming Ban as the guest of honor to the EU-Africa Summit, which was held on 2-3 April 2014, Van Rompuy highlighted the strong cooperation between the EU and the UN and voiced his support for the Climate Summit that Ban will be hosting on 23 September 2014. [UN Press Release] [UNSG Remarks at the Policy Spotlight with Friends of Europe] [Greening Europe - Policy Spotlight Programme] [President of the European Commission Remarks] [President of the European Council Remarks] [Climate Change Policy & Practice story on the 4th EU-Africa Summit]