UN Secretary-General Underlines the Economic Rationale for “Green Growth”

Secretary-General Delivers Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Lecture 30 October 2008: In a lecture delivered at the Rajiv Gandhi

Foundation in New Delhi, India, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underlined

that the financial crisis should not “become an excuse for deferring or backing

away from our fight against climate change.”

He emphasized the urgency to take

action and that the economic rationale for “green growth” is as compelling as

the science of climate change. Noting that the impacts of climate change are

already being felt, particularly in developing countries and small island

developing States, he underscored that the principle of common but

differentiated responsibilities should be applied in efforts to tackle this

challenge. He urged all countries to contribute to greenhouse gas emission

reduction and to adaptation efforts.

He added that developing countries'

efforts should be matched by developed countries, in particular through

technology transfer. Outlining India's achievements in addressing climate

change, he called for Indian leadership in moving towards a low-carbon future,

consistent with its development aspirations. Underscoring the difficulties

ahead, he called for “a win” to emerge from the climate meetings in Poznan,

Poland, in December 2008. [The Lecture]