UN Secretary-General: Turning Away from the Climate Challenge Would Be a “Double Blow”

23 October 2008: On accepting the UN Association-New York Humanitarians of the Year Award, in New York, US, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon thanked the Association for paying tribute to all the scientists, advocates and others “who have done so much at the UN to advance the climate change agenda over the years.” He underlined that turning away from the climate challenge while addressing the financial crisis would be “a double blow,” stressing the “enormous benefits” that can be drawn from making the transition to a low-carbon economy and addressing “one of the defining issues of our times.”

He added that clean energy will be “the investment wave of the future,” and stressed the urgency of global leadership in order to reap the benefits. He expressed his determination to do everything in his power to advance the climate change negotiations and underscored the growing role of business in addressing this challenge. [UN Press Release]