UN Secretary-General Stresses the Consequences of Climate Change on Youth

UN Secretary-General's message on the consequences of climate change during the International Youth Day 12 August 2008: On the occasion of International Youth Day,

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underlined that climate change is happening

and, if unaddressed, could hinder efforts towards the Millennium Development

Goals and threaten peace and security.

He stated that today's youth will bear the consequences of

climate change, especially in developing countries, as the world becomes more

inhospitable. Noting that young people can contribute to fight this challenge

now, as they can spread new habits and adapt quickly to low-carbon lifestyles,

he recommended engaging them in decision-making at all levels. He stressed the

need for the “spirit of youth in abundance” to make the transition towards a

low-carbon economy.

He added that clean energy and technology will create jobs

that could help alleviate youth unemployment and urged young people to invest

their energy into making a more sustainable planet. [UN Secretary-General's message]