UN Secretary-General Stresses Role of World Faith’s Communities in Tackling Climate Change

un-secretary-general-stresses-role-of-world-faithe28099s3 November 2009: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon co-hosted the global gathering of inter-faith leaders, “Faith Commitments for a Living Planet,” which took place from 2-4 November 2009, at Windsor Castle in London, UK.

The event was organized by Prince Philip's Alliance of Religions and Conservation, and brought together religious leaders from all the major faith traditions to discuss initiatives to protect the planet against the impacts of climate change.

Addressing the meeting, Ban underlined the unique position the world's faith communities occupy in discussions on the dealing with the accelerating impacts of climate change. Noting the inter-generational and moral dimensions of the issue of climate change, he underscored that “the voices, the deeds and the teachings of the world's faith groups are so vitally important.” He stressed the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and assist the poorest and most vulnerable people to adapt to climate impacts already locked into the atmosphere. He concluded that with just a few weeks left before the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, “it is a pivotal moment for our world.” [UN Press Release] [The statement]