UN Secretary-General Highlights Legacies From Franklin D. Roosevelt

15 November 2010: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon delivered a statement at the Roosevelt House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony, at the US President's former residence in New York City, US, where he underlined his belief in the values and principles of the UN.

Noting that New York is the city that hosts the UN and where the architecture of modern multilateralism was drawn, he stated that, if Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) were alive today, "he would be working hand-in-hand with the UN to forge a new global deal on climate change." He added that FDR would be urging governments to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and support investment in green technologies and green jobs. He concluded by underlining that, as Secretary-General, he takes "inspiration from the legacies that Eleanor and Franklin Delano Roosevelt left to the UN." [Ban's Statement] [UN Press Release]