UN Secretary General: EU’s Climate Actions Could Spur “Green” Growth

17 October 2008: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated

that EU proposals on tackling climate change could spur “green” growth and

generate millions of new jobs.

In a statement, he expressed concern over the

effects of the financial crisis on the developing world, and stressed the need

to maintain our momentum on global warming. He called on the EU to continue

providing leadership on climate change, noting recent decisions taken at its

summit in Brussels, Belgium. Referring to ongoing climate negotiations, Ban

encouraged industrialized countries to step up their financing of clean

technology and assistance to developing nations to adapt to climate change. He

concluded by noting that the climate meeting in December 2008 in Poznan,

Poland, “offers a chance to send precisely the right signal” and hoped “that

world leaders will seize the opportunity.” [UN

Press Release]