UN Secretary-General Cautiously Optimistic about Copenhagen

Ban Ki-moon28 October 2009: In his monthly press conference, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that, although much work remains to be done, he is optimistic that world leaders will reach an ambitious agreement in Copenhagen.

Ban underscored that four benchmarks must be decided upon: emissions reductions targets by developed countries and enhanced mitigation actions by developing countries; adaptation measures; the provision of financing and technology for poorer nations; and the creation of an equitable global governance structure. Ban also emphasized that countries must endeavour to ensure that any agreements reached during the negotiations in Denmark can be built upon to become legally binding.

These statements followed a week of similar efforts by the Secretary-General to press for a climate change agreement, including through authoring an editorial in the New York Times, and in his remarks to the World Affairs Council and a statement delivered to the Ninth Annual Orthodox Prayer Service for the United Nations Community. [UN Press Release][New York Times Editorial][Statement to the World Affairs Council][Statement Delivered to the Ninth Annual][Orthodox Prayer Service]