UN Secretary-General Calls on Youth to Address Global Challenges

Ban Ki-moon, UN Secretary-General10 December 2011: Speaking at a youth event preceding the fourth annual forum of the UN Alliance of Civilizations in Doha, Qatar, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on young people to help combat the multiple threats faced by the planet, such as climate change and environmental destruction, as well as water, food and energy scarcity. 

Stressing the global nature of these challenges, Ban called for global solutions, highlighting that the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20) will be key to furthering international cooperation and progress. He added, “In Rio, we hope to chart a new path for development – sustainable development, which means growth consistent with the limitations and opportunities of our natural world.” Ban also called on young people to join the UN and its campaigns for peace, human rights and environmental sustainability. [UN Press Release] [UN Secretary-General's Remarks]