UN Secretary-General Calls on Wealthy Nations to Adopt “Green” Stimulus Packages

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

13 March 2009: On the occasion of the 31st annual Lions Day at the UN, celebrated in New York, US, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon explained that he will attend the G20 Summit in April in London, UK, where he would remind leaders of the developed world of the need to fulfill their promises to the most vulnerable people and for their stimulus packages to be “green” in order to help combat climate change by including investments in clean energy, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

He further indicated that he would underline that the poorest countries are the least responsible for climate change but will be the most affected by its impacts. Ban stressed the need for wealthy nations to agree in Copenhagen in December to: reduce their greenhouse gas emissions; invest in a low-carbon future; and support adaptation in developing countries. [UN Press Release]