UN Secretary-General Calls on Governments to Not Backslide on Previous Commitments

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 11 December 2008: In a press conference in Poznań, Poland, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon noted progress achieved at the climate change talks, but stressed that much more needs to be done. He called on governments not to “backslide” on previous commitments and emphasized the need for: deep cuts in emissions to stabilize our climate; assistance for developing countries in dealing with mitigation and adaptation; a dramatic increase of financial and technological resources; and institutions that can support these efforts.

Referring to the new climate agreement to be agreed in Copenhagen

in December 2009, he underscored the urgency to take action and to

negotiate “one of the most complex multilateral treaties ever.” He said

he was “heartened” to see the US re-engage actively in global climate

discussions, and he looked forward to their leadership on the road to

Copenhagen. He also expressed the hope that the EU will also take a

leadership role, and that, at their concurrent summit meeting, they

would be able to agree on a climate and energy package that would have

a positive impact on the current and future negotiations.


whether he would convene another meeting of Heads of State on climate

change, the Secretary-General said he is considering convening a

summit-level meeting focused on climate change at the time of the

General Assembly in September 2009. [UN Press Release]