UN Secretary-General Calls for the Non-Aligned Movement’s Support to Move Toward a Greener Economy

© NAM15 July 2009: In a speech to the High-Level Segment of the 15th Non-Aligned Movement Summit, which took place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, from 15-16 July 2009, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stated that, just as when the Non-Aligned Movement was founded, the world today faces complex crises threatening development and security. He pointed to the severe economic and financial crisis, and the effort to “Seal the Deal” on climate change in Copenhagen later this year.

He recalled that he had recently called on developed countries to help developing countries adapt to climate change and reduce their own emissions. He added that the recent pledges by G8 leaders on climate change were “welcome but not sufficient.” Ban also noted that he is convening a Climate Change Summit on 22 September at UN Headquarters in New York, US. He concluded by calling for the support of the Non-Aligned Movement to the UN to galvanize the multilateralism needed to help move towards a greener and more sustainable economy, and improve food security and energy access. [UN press release]