UN Secretary-General Calls for Poznan to be a Successful Bridge towards Copenhagen

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon 31 August 2008: In a press conference given on the occasion

of the twentieth anniversary of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

(IPCC) in Geneva, Switzerland, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon congratulated

the IPCC for its accomplishments and for removing any doubt that climate change

was happening with its Fourth Assessment Report.

He said scientists had,

thereby, given political leaders and the UN the mandate to find solutions. He

described his efforts in making climate change the UN's highest priority and

indentified a lack of political will to address the issue.

He called for the UN

climate meeting in December 2008 in Poznan, Poland, to be a “very successful

bridge towards Copenhagen,” and for a “very effective, inclusive, balanced and

ratifiable treaty replacing the Kyoto Protocol” by 2009. Responding to a

question on the role of the US in the climate discussion, Ban said it should

exercise greater leadership and that he expected the future US President to

lead the campaign against global warming with increased funding and technology

transfer to developing countries.

He expressed the view that whoever the future

US President may be, he will be in a better position to “address and to lead

this process.” On managing poverty and climate change, Ban stated that the

world is experiencing a triple crisis: a development emergency; the global food

crisis; and climate change. He also underscored the interlinkages between these

crises and the need for a comprehensive response. [Press

conference transcript]