UN Secretary-General Calls for Global Leadership to Tackle Current Crises

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses a high-level General Assembly meeting on the development needs of Africa: State of Implementation of Various Commitments, Challenges and the Way Forward. 23 September 2008: In his speech to the opening of the

General Debate of the 63rd session of the UN General Assembly, UN Secretary-General

Ban Ki-moon recalled that the global food, energy and financial crises, as well

as the challenge of climate change, demand global solutions.

He added that we

face a challenge of global leadership where increased collaboration is key, but

noted, however, that nations are looking inwards rather than developing

partnerships. He warned against retreating from advances made in the area of

economic development and stressed that pledges to the Millennium Development

Goals have not been honored. He added that all of UN's work is now threatened

by the global financial crisis and underlined the need to restore order to

international financial markets.

On climate change, Ban said it “remains the

defining issue of our era,” and urged regaining momentum. He stated that a

shared vision of a new global climate change agreement to replace the Kyoto

Protocol will be needed by the climate conference next December in Poznan,

Poland. In conclusion, he urged member States to be accountable and commit the

necessary financial resources to reform the UN and address today's

uncertainties. [UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon's statement]