UN Secretary-General Calls for Environmental Protection

3 April 2013: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addressed sustainable development, climate change and protection of the marine environment in remarks in Monaco, on 3 April 2013, on the occasion of the principality's 20th anniversary of UN membership.

Speaking at the Museum of Oceanography, Ban said he is launching a global call to accelerate action to achieve the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the remaining 1,000 days before the 2015 deadline. He also noted the ongoing efforts to develop a post-2015 development agenda and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), saying poverty, hunger and disease cannot be ended without addressing the broader challenges of sustainable development. Ban highlighted the environmental dimension, in particular, and said investments in green growth will yield exponential gains for a sustainable future.

Ban also underscored the risk of “runaway climate change,” and called for a “universal, legally-binding climate agreement by 2015.” He noted the high-level meeting on climate change he will convene in 2014.

Ban recalled that in order to intensify efforts to protect and sustainably manage our oceans and marine resources, he had launched the Oceans Compact in 2012.

Finally, he issued a call to every citizen to “think about what you can do to care for the global environment and promote sustainable development.” [Statement of UN Secretary-General] [UN Press Release]