UN Secretary-General Calls for Creativity in Addressing the “Carbon Crunch”

The 2008 Sustainability Summit 14 November 2008: In a video message to the Second Annual

Sustainability Summit, organized by the Los Angeles Business Council on 14

November 2008, in Los Angeles, California, US, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

stressed the need to be “more creative” in our efforts to change the course of

the unfolding “carbon crunch” and climate change crisis.

The Summit gathered

business leaders, academics and elected officials, and was organized around the

theme “Building a Green Economy.” He urged seizing the opportunity to follow

the path of green growth, noting California's contribution in shaping the green


He welcomed the state's plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to

1990 levels by 2020, stating that it could create over 400,000 new jobs and

shows leadership towards “much-needed domestic legislation on climate change at

the federal level.” Ban underlined that, within the context of the global

financial crisis, we cannot afford not to invest in green growth.

He concluded

by stating his hope that California's efforts would highlight the opportunities

generated by making a transition to a low carbon economy and “strengthen

international resolve” at the upcoming climate change conference in Poznan,

Poland, in December 2008. [The

Statement] [Summit