UN Secretary-General at UN Day Concert: How Can We Afford Not to Tackle Climate Change?

Leadership, Partnership Crucial in Creating Safer, More Prosperous World, Says Secretary-General in Remarks at United Nations Day Concert.

27 October 2008: In a speech delivered on 24 October 2008,

in New York, US, at the concert for UN Day, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

welcomed Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble, who were performing, as well as

the Heads of UN agencies and programmes who had gathered for the biannual

meeting of the UN System Chief Executives Board.

He recalled the success of the

Millennium Development Goals event in September, which generated unprecedented

commitment in pledges and partnerships to help the world's poor. He called for

similar partnerships to address climate change, in the run-up to the UN climate

conferences in Poznan and Copenhagen. He stressed that the financial crisis

“must not deter us from the fight against poverty and climate change,” noting

that the economic case for action is as equally compelling as the science, and

highlighted the need to transition to an “era of green growth.” [UN Press