UN Secretary-General at Saint Louis University: “We All Have a Stake in Fighting Climate Change”

12 June 2009: In an address at Saint Louis University, Missouri, US, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon underscored that climate change exacerbates the food crisis and called for urgent action to stop the planet from warming, noting the costs of inaction.

Highlighting the interlinkages among the food, finance, and energy challenges, he stated that “solutions to one can be solutions to all.” He mentioned that “crucial negotiations” have been taking place on climate change and stressed that “we all have a stake in fighting climate change.” He called on his audience to help push political leaders to seal a deal in Copenhagen in December and welcomed US President Barack Obama's forward-looking point of view. He also urged US mayors, governors, and private companies, such as Boeing, to get involved in the fight against climate change and in focusing on green growth. In conclusion, Ban underlined the role the UN can play in the new multilateralism needed to address global challenges. [UN Press Release]