UN Secretary-General at G20 Summit Underlines Potential to Spur Green Growth

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon meets today with Madeleine Albright, former United States Secretary of State, ahead of G-20 meeting 17 November 2008: On 14 and 15 November 2008, UN

Secretary-General was in Washington, DC, US, to take part in the Group of 20

(G20) Financial Summit. In a statement to the assembled leaders, Ban Ki-moon

stated that “today's financial crisis should not evolve into tomorrow's human

crisis,” adding that leaders should not use it to justify neglecting other

critical issues such as poverty and hunger, the food crisis, and climate


Noting the need for a global stimulus package, he underlined that the

emerging “green economy” should be a key component in the stimulus plan and

environmentally-friendly renewable energy has the potential to create millions

of jobs and spur growth. In concluding, he stressed the importance of reaching

a climate change agreement in Copenhagen, Denmark, underlining that “the sooner

we have a climate change agreement, the sooner we will see the green

investments and green growth we so badly need.”

In a statement following the

Summit and welcoming its Final Declaration, which committed leaders to joint action,

Ban expressed appreciation for the Declaration's commitment to: continued

cooperation and multilateralism; the Millennium Development Goals and

development assistance commitments previously made; the development principles

agreed at the conference on Financing for Development in Monterrey in 2002; and

addressing other critical challenges, such as energy security and climate

change, food security, the rule of law, and the fight against terrorism,

poverty and disease.

He cited the opportunity to promote green economic

development as part of the fiscal stimulus, for example with support for

renewable energy, conversion to more carbon-friendly systems and investing in

climate change adaptation measures in the most vulnerable developing economies.

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