UN Secretary-General Addresses UN Association of Canada

12 May 2010: UN Secretary-General addressed the UN Association of Canada in Ottawa on 12 May 2010, focusing on peacekeeping and climate change. On the latter, while underlining that "we are running out of time," Secretary-General Ban underlined that there is hope because climate change has become a top priority for world leaders.

He said the Copenhagen Accord was "an important first step," and urged the UNFCCC to take the negotiations forward by taking action on: accelerating mitigation; reducing emissions from deforestation and land degradation; enhancing adaptation, capacity building, and technology; and financing, both fast-track and long-term.

Stressing its potential contribution, he urged Canada to: comply with the Kyoto Protocol targets; strengthen its future mitigation targets; and contribute new funding. He closed by noting that he will look to the G20 to "push for a green recovery to the global economic crisis," underlining the need to bring the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and climate change agendas together. [The Statement]